Supervision Contract

Supervision Contract with
Tina Zicchieri

  • C. A Counselling & Training Service is a completely independent counselling, training and support service.
  • Supervision is completely confidential between parties involved but reports and or summaries for other purposes may be produced at the request of the supervisee. An addition charge will be made for this service.
  • Supervision is normally conducted on a one-to-one basis but group supervision can be arranged where this would be helpful and or beneficial to the individuals involved.
  • All supervision is conducted in line with the Ethical requirements of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy to whom I am accountable.
  • The notes I take are purely to facilitate the process, they are kept securely and confidentially at all times and will be destroyed at such time as this agreement ceases or after a lapse of 4 months.
  • I require you to disclose details of any other forms of supervision you have received or may be receiving throughout this agreement. This need not interfere with this process in anyway.
  • You may raise any issues you choose during your allotted time and sessions will be structured to meet Ethical guidelines and supervisee or organisational needs.
  • Supervision sessions must be booked in advance and 48 hours notice given for cancellation. You are free to terminate this process at any time and to cancel or rearrange an appointment if it inconvenient got you. However, if you fail to keep a previously agreed appointment without letting me know, or arrive late, you will still be required to pay for that session.
  • You will be asked to come to each session prepared with relevant information concerning any issues you may wish to raise.
  • Should you have any complaints about me or the way I work, I would appreciate it if you would raise these with me in the first instance. If we are unable to resolve the situation you may make direct contact with my professional governing bodies.
  • Payment is required after each face to face session.
  • This agreement can be terminated at any stage by letter from either party.
I have read and understood the above items of agreement and I agree to accept and abide by them throughout the Supervision process and until such time as the agreement is cancelled in writing by either party.